Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Artist Spotlight: An Interview with Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer

We’re delighted to present an audio interview with Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer who’ve just released a brilliant new album titled Deeper Imaginings. A contemporary and world multi-instrumentalist and poet, Paul draws inspiration from several genres of music he listened to growing up, while Elizabeth contributes her artistic talents on piano, flugelhorn and vocals.

Together they paint an eclectic sound on Deeper Imaginings that could be described as ‘ambient world fusion’, while also enlisting the contributing talents of musicians David Hoffman, Gary Green, Pravid Godkhindi, and Alp Akmaz. So please tune-in and bliss-out, as we imagine deeper!

Music from the albums Deeper Imaginings and Imaginings can be heard throughout this interview. These recordings and more can also be found at Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, and other music retail and streaming platforms.