Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Listening Apps

To listen to Aural Awakenings on your mobile device, please install the Mixcloud app for our one-hour shows and any of the other apps below for our 24/7 station!


  1. Dear Aural Awakenings, I am an italian listener of new age music since many years and I like all of this kind of music, artists like Will Ackermann, George Winston, Kitaro, Louis Landon, Enya and so many others.

    By sheer chance I discover your internet radio, some weeks ago, and since then I listen to it whenever I have time, at home with my internet radio, at work by your website.

    I like also very much the music of Radioscapes.

    The music is always wonderful, all that you do in the radio is wonderful and I wonder how you can do this wonderful job when the music is free...

    But I think that, at least in USA or Canada many listeners offer something for your great work...

    I am not rich, I live in Rome, Italy, and I have a modest job with a modest salary, like many young or at least not very old people in Italy. I lost the job some years ago and I had to begin working from the beginning and I am lucky that I have a Italy...

    I have no requests, I wanted just to thank you for your great work there, and although I am not rich and I cannot afford to donate a significant amount of money, I will in the next days willingly donate some money, hopeing that you will continue to make my days better with your wonderful music. Thanks a lot...

    1. Thank you dear Stefmar for the wonderful support! Your words mean a great deal to me. <3